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Do you have doubts about our services and conditions? Maybe our community already have some of your doubts and you can get a quick answer here!

If you already have questions, do not hesitate in contact us.

How long does it take to have my design?

After receiving your payment and email telling what you need and expect, you will receive the first version of your design service no later than 4 business days.

You should review our work as quick as possible and tell us if you have updates. After receiving your notes, we promise to not take more than 2 days in getting back to you.

Each new change request will delay more your design service.

Don't forget you can't make more than 3 change requests for any design service.

The price includes the editing files?

Can I ask for a refund after first version?

When is a design project considered finished?

Can I ask for changes after finish a design project?