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Artist Launch


Artist Launch


When you start producing music seriously, you want to be heard and known in the market. That's why you have to start your own brand with your touch and identity.

This design bundle has everything you need to start working on building your fanbase on all social media networks you want. Everything starts with a logo, but in this bundle you can also request a general cover for your social media networks (Spotify, SoundCloud, YouTube, Facebook and others), a personal wallpaper and we can also create a social media template for you to include in the content you publish.

Tell us which of these materials you need and we will make it happen!


Important Notes:

After completing your purchase, send us your order ID and details of what you want to info@futureblasting.com.
The first piece of art you should think is your logo since it will define all the concept.
First version is delivered in around 4 business days. You have the right to ask for 3 change requests.
This bundle include all editable files.