What we do?

Future Blasting is a new concept of design services for artists.

Combining the passion for music and the know-how of design, we listen carefully to all your ideas and produce the pieces of art you need to get your brand to the next level.

Everything you need to start your project...

We develop creative concepts from scratch!

For the next track you want to release, for the radioshow show you want to launch or for your complete brand as an artist. We have the knowledge to suggest the design elements you should use to be where your fans are.

You know what you want? Perfect! Share your ideas with our creative team and we make it happen! It is easy and profitable.

...and keep your fans engaged.

Do you already have a concept created but you need to use it everywhere? We are here for you!

Making your contents fit your design concept it’s as difficult as keeping your fanbase engaged. That’s why we can help in both ways! We can suggest what you should share on your social media networks to always keep your fans engaged.

If you know what you want to publish but you just need a design element to catch up on the feed, we also develop the creative you need.

Step up to the next level!

Most music producers improve their career creating a radioshow. It helps in sharing other people's music and in keeping your fans engaged.

Focus on the radioshow production and leave the rest in our hands. We help you develop the creative concept for your radioshow and implement all the design elements you need to promote each episode!

Our Mindset

  • Unique

    Every artist is different, so when you’re working with us, we are bringing your character to life.

  • Personality

    Because everyone has their own strengths, we always try to match our work with who you are.

  • Trendy

    Always on the move when it comes to what are the most current trends.

  • Consistency

    Social media is so powerful. We help you to share your brand in the best way possible.

  • Logo

    Noah Echo wanted to take the next step to look professional. He will start having some important gigs and decided to ask us for a logo with an echo effect and this was the final result!

  • Social Media Mentoring and Maintenance

    Keeping the fanbase engaged is Unscannable's goal right now. Since he wants to maintain his creative concept everywhere, we are working together to develop his brand consistency.

  • Personal Wallpaper

    Jumping Jack wanted the futuristic kind of wallpaper. After transforming a normal photo into a wallpaper artwork this was the concept he desired!

  • Track Cover

    "Let Go" was the concept for this track cover. At the first approach, we had to create the futuristic vibe to match the song's idea. At the end, we got this track cover result.